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The Trapper Lad - The Truth?

Comic 10 - The Truth?

6th Dec 2016
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The Truth?
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Author Notes:

6th Dec 2016
Trying to find pictures of mine carts for reference is made about 200 times more difficult by the existence of Minecraft.

The person or people pushing the carts was known as a hurrier or thruster, and if I was redoing this page (which I want to at some point) I'd have probably made that person more clearly a woman or a child Tom's age or a little older. It was a job for someone small enough to fit through narrow passages - and to be honest it's the kind of job Tom will probably move onto fairly quickly, since trapping was something really reserved for the youngest tier of colliery workers.


6th Dec 2016
Ah, I know your pain. I once tried to find pictures of a blackberry. You know, the FRUIT?!
(Granted you can just type in 'fruit' next to it but the very fact that you have to do that is just grmbl grmbl)
6th Dec 2016
Yeah, it's tough! No matter what search term combo I came up with, at least half the results seemed to be minecraft related.
7th Dec 2016
A handy trick I found:

If you write -word (minus plus the word you don't wanna search for), it'll omit those from the results.
7th Dec 2016
That's really useful, thanks!
5th Apr 2017
You sir, are a google jedi
7th Dec 2016
One of the places that are known not to be plagued with Minecraft stuff is Wikimedia Commons (you know, the place that stores pictures for Wikipedia). But it's probably not the first place you go for searching.

If you insist on Google Images, negative query like @Bryfang mentioned works too.

P.S. My Google Images result didn't have much of Minecraft stuff (less than 1/5), maybe you played or searched Minecraft stuff in the past and Google just remembered it for you?
7th Dec 2016
Wikimedia Commons is the BEST and I do use it a lot (blindly looking stuff up on google without knowing the context for the images you're seeing is a sure fire way to get things entirely wrong, and definitely not how I research things)
That doesn't make a funny artist's comment, though.
7th Dec 2016
always those stories to scare the kids.. adults can be so mean D:

yes, web search can be such a pain sometimes, with bands, song titles or movies being particularly bad troublemakers.